Chrome Realty LLC, is an innovative, full-service real estate management company specifically structured to meet the needs of today’s tenants and owners of residential rental properties. With more than 20 years experience as developers and managers of residential real estate, the partners of Chrome Realty LLC, offer property management from an owner’s perspective by being sensitive to the bottom line success and the smooth day-to-day operations of your building. Superior property management is the only way to meet the growing demands of today’s residential buildings.

At Chrome Realty LLC we believe strong communication is the key to developing the most effective program for your building. By exploring your priorities and concerns and then implementing a comprehensive management program which addresses those needs, Chrome Realty LLC brings about the most efficient solutions. In addition to exceptional problem solving capabilities, Chrome Realty LLC has the knowledge and experience to service your building’s everyday needs-and that’s exactly what we do. At Chrome Realty LLC we have mastered the intricacies of property management so that you are assured of a sound property, both physically and fiscally. The following pages describe in detail the services Chrome Realty LLC provides.

Choosing an agent can be overwhelming and confusing. We believe that effective management rests on two complementary concepts: controlling costs and providing accurate information. Though simple in theory, these two principals can be difficult to put into practice. Chrome Realty LLC succeeds in doing so because it is a small company with hands on principals, excellent computer capabilities and a large capacity for work. At Chrome Realty LLC our focus is on superior property management. This means utilizing a building’s dollars to their maximum effect and accurately educating its owners on the use of those dollars, every step of the way. This is our definition of effective management.

And our fees reflect the service we provide to ensure the proper management of your building. We pride ourselves on being responsive and responsible to our residents and owners. The result is a properly functioning building and an increased value of the physical property. This should be the ultimate goal of any residential real estate owner. Let Chrome Realty LLC take a few moments to demonstrate how we can help enhance the value of your real estate asset through controlling expenses, maximizing revenues and supervising the day-to-day operations of your building.

The transition process alone can create anxiety to a building owner. They may have the desire to explore other management companies but their fear of interruption of necessary building services hinders them from doing so. Chrome Realty LLC’s effective management program begins with addressing the critical transition stage. Chrome Realty LLC has implemented a thorough transition program that prevents breakdowns and ensures the continuity of the services you expect. The following is a sample checklist of transition services used by every Chrome Realty LLC employee to ensure a building’s complete transition and guarantee that information is transferred quickly and efficiently.

  • Acquaint residents with new management team. This will include a letter to all tenants as well as an informal get together in the building’s lobby to let the tenants meet their new Management Team.
  • Walk-through with the building’s superintendent and staff where we will review and implement their work schedule
  • Obtain rent roll, arrears & collection reports, vacancy data & payroll information. Verify accuracy of rent payment due date – Change contact information for all services such as Con Edison, NYC Department of Finance, NYC DEP, and all other City Agencies
  • Review and Comply with: Local Law 10, Window Guard Law, Smoke Detector Law, Asbestos Removal Requirement’s, Incinerator Triennials, Elevator weight tests, Boiler Triennials, Heating Plant Self-Inspection and Bulk Storage Fuel Permit.
  • Review and continue where necessary any pending legal proceedings Once the transition is complete, the real business of management begins. The success of your building depends on effective, hands-on supervision; nothing else is as important in both preserving and enhancing your property’s value.

As part of its day-to-day management program, Chrome Realty LLC will:

  • Collect rent payments
  • Work closely with your building’s accountants to prepare annual budgets;
  • Supervise all staff and day-to-day building operations;
  • Have a principal of the company visit your property a minimum of once a week;
  • Have a qualified agent visit the property a minimum of two times a week;
  • Keep a principal of the company on call 24-hours a day, seven days-a-week;
  • Retain outside contractors and supervise all repairs needed in the building;
  • Compute and distribute building payroll in addition to filing quarterly returns such as 941’s and NYS45’s
  • Examine and coordinate J-51 filings to ensure that the building is receiving full tax benefits;
  • Issue a comprehensive monthly management statement customized to the client’s needs. This will include:
    1. A full statement of income and expenses. We will review all building expenses to make sure they are being properly allocated to be reflected correctly on the tax return;
    2. Copies of bills if requested;
    3. Full summaries of arrears;
    4. Full summaries of legal proceedings (where appropriate);
    5. Accounts payable register;
    6. Check register;
    7. Bank statements and Bank Reconciliation
    8. Meet with the owner at any time to discuss strategy and current status.

Chrome Realty LLC provides the highest quality of residential property management services. Our management program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Our success in implementing the most effective program is achieved through constant communication between Chrome Realty LLC and our staff, owners and residents. While we are confident that we provide a high level of quality service for all aspects of property management, we feel that the exceptional service highlighted below distinguish us from other management companies:

Without proper staff supervision and a comprehensive job schedule it is impossible for a building to reach and maintain its full potential. When you retain Chrome Realty LLC to manage your property, we effectively work with existing building personnel to redefine job descriptions and to implement new schedules which ensure that every job is completed properly and on time.

Having extensive involvement in property development, Chrome Realty LLC executive management team has a unique understanding and perspective of how building wide systems work and are interrelated. Our experience has taught us the value of identifying potential problem areas before disaster strikes and the necessity of instituting a comprehensive plan to maintain and continually upgrade a building’s mechanical system.

Due to our 20 years of experience and relationships we are experts at soliciting bids for maintenance and capital improvements, negotiating contracts and prices, and supervising work performed by outside contractors. In effect, we manage from the owner’s perspective and, therefore, we get the best quality workmanship while understanding and respecting your financial position. In addition to hiring the appropriate contractors, we work closely with a buildings own architect/engineer and with any contractors who have an existing relationship with the building.

Although a comprehensive and well-managed plan for the maintenance of your property should reduce the number of unpleasant surprises, there are no guarantees. With Chrome Realty LLC you share in the benefits of our 20 years experience, strong relationships with contractors which allows for excellent response time in case of emergency. Combine this with 24-hour accessibility to the principals of Chrome Realty LLC and you have the right combination for effective building management!