Greeks who need special services like authentication of documents for use abroad  are best served not by a lawyer, but by Chrome Realty, LLC.

In order to use documents abroad for legal purposes – ones that had been issued in another country – the documents must be authenticated or legalized. Such document types would include birth certificates, adoption papers, immigration papers, academic degrees, marriage and divorce certificates, wills, et cetera. Because Greece and the United States are both parties to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, public documents originating in one do not require diplomatic or consular legalization of documents to be valid in the other. Instead special “Apostille” (or authentication certificates) may be all that is required. A document that has been notarized is eligible for this authentication.

Notarization services authenticate certificates and legalize documents before a notary public, verifying the document is legitimate and fraud-free. In the case of translating legal documents so that they may be used abroad, notarization verifies the authenticity of the translation and that it adheres faithfully to the meaning of the original document. Notarization will also vet the identity of the signer, as well as certify their awareness and volition in signing, which is performed before the notary.

Chrome Realty, LLC offers notarization services that allow Greeks to use documents abroad through the legalization of documents and authentication certificates, no lawyer necessary. From birth certificates to corporate documents, Chrome Realty is uniquely qualified to service Greeks. The office is staffed by professionals knowledgeable and experienced in both the American and Greek communities, customs and laws, ensuring the best possible specialized service which a lawyer would not have to offer. Additionally, not all lawyers notarize all of the same documents CRE does.

Chrome Realty also provides translation services officially notarized by the Greek Consulate, allowing the document to be notarized by the same entity that translated it. This continuity is beneficial in retaining the integrity of the document, that the proper meaning and details are carried over into the finalized product.

Chrome Realty’s expansive knowledge, experience and extended services in both Greece and the United States make it a better, more qualified choice over a lawyer for the Greek citizen’s specialized needs for using legal documentation abroad.