Registration at the Special Bureau of Vital Records of Athens

In cases when both parents are Greek citizens, the registration at the Special Bureau of Vital Statistics Records of Athens is completed if the applicant submits his/her documents (original and a photocopy) in the following manner:

  1. All certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death) should bear the Apostille seal (this is a seal placed by the US Authorities to all official US documents, in accordance with the 1964 Hague International Convention, proving the authenticity of the document). For the “Apostille” seal in the State of New York, please visit the Department of State, Certification Unit, 123 William Street, 19th Floor, New York, NY, 10038-3804 (tel.: 1-212-241-1756 x84).
  2. The said certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death) should also be translated into Greek. The Greek Consulate in New York does not provide translation services, however you can come to Chrome Realty LLC and have Harry Pateroulakis translate the document for you, ready for the Greek Consulate to notarize it.
  3. Marriage Certificates issued by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, should also be authenticated by the Archdiocese of Athens (Iassiou 1 & Genaudiou Street, Moni Petraki, Athens, tel.: 210-723-8169).
  4. Upon completion of the above procedure, the documents (i.e. certificates with the “Apostille” seal, their translations and, if done in the US, their legalization by the Greek Consulate) should be submitted either by the applicant, or a designated third party or a lawyer, to the Special Bureau of the Athens Vital Statistics Records (“EIDIKO LIXIARCHIO”, Mitropoleos 60, tel.: 213-152-2518-521). The applicant will be requested to mention explicitly the Municipality of Greece he/she wishes to register him/herself.

1. For couples that have been married according to both, civil and religious doctrines, both ceremonies must be declared.[/blockquote]

2. The official (Court) solution of a previous marriage, if resolved in the US, should also be declared; however, it should first be legalized in Greece with a new court decision, taken by a Greek Court.[/blockquote]

3. The certificates’ department of the consulate provides you with the following documents to proceed with registration in Greece:
a. Certificate of entry-exit to/from Greece (only for males). The consular agent will certify, checking the entry/exit stamps placed in the male applicant’s passport(s) when entering or leaving Greece, whether the applicant has lost his permanent residence status in the US, having remained in Greece for more than 6 months for the last two years.
b. Certificate of age assessment (for both sexes).[/blockquote]