The decision to embark upon the real estate ownership can be a daunting experience. For the Greek American Community there is Chrome Realty, LLC to make the process easier. Whether it is the renovation of an existing building or the construction of a new one, Chrome Realty is in a unique position to provide all-in-one services for the Greek American’s project.

Chrome Realty’s staff (specialized in Real Estate Services in Queens) is made up of educated, licensed professionals in civil engineering, architecture and mechanical engineering who are well-versed in both Greek and American legalities. Their knowledge and experience make them fully qualified to handle new constructions and commercial and residential renovations.

For those interested in completing or renovating existing buildings, services begin with the small-scale building permits and continue through heat and air systems, plumbing and electrical, then on through cabinetry, flooring and even the details of painting and fences. Upgrades are available for improved energy efficiency, using thermal insulation, window and door insulation, solar panels, natural gas and geothermal energy.

If new construction is preferred, Chrome Realty offers a complete package from the initial building design to acquiring building permits to fully supervising all construction. Communication starts from the planning stage and continues through the building’s completion. Progress reports will be sent electronically or via phone throughout the process, keeping you well informed of each phase, allowng the opportunity to ask questions or voice any concerns. Your interests are top priority.

In addition to design and construction, Chrome Realty will assist with any concerns you may have with registration issues. It can be a daunting experience to take on a new real estate project in the Greek American Community, from commercial and residential renovations to new construction. But Chrome Realty, LLC provides the knowledge, experience and professionalism to ensure the project is done right and to your specifications. For more information regarding Real Estate Service in Queens navigate in our site.