Translation – Greek to English & English to Greek 

Life is full of milestones: a wedding celebration, the birth of a child, graduation from a university or the passing of a loved one. And it is all recorded with legal documentation. Legal documents and the processes used to create or obtain them can be difficult enough, but when you also need them to be translated, that is where the specialists come in. Whether you need Greek to English translation or English to Greek translation, Chrome Realty, LLC can provide the services that fit your translation needs.

Chrome Realty specializes in the needs of the Greek American, and provides accurate translations for an array of legal documents. Did you marry or divorce? Did you bear or adopt a child? Did you change your citizenship through naturalization or immigration? Perhaps you are applying for a career move and need your Greek academic transcripts in English. Or perhaps your medical procedure will be done abroad based on your American medical records. Regardless of the document, Chrome Realty is the best choice for your translation needs. Each translation is officially notarized by the Greek consulate. If the document to be used abroad, it may be specially notarized and authenticated to meet all legal requirements.

Never take chances with your legal documents. A poorly translated document could cause untimely delays, confusion, errors or missed opportunities, not to mention considerable financial costs. A will or a court judgment is too valuable to be left in the hands of an inexperienced translator. Instead, look to the professionals for your Greek to English translations and your English to Greek translations. Chrome Realty will translate your document faithfully with all legal necessities in mind. Chrome Realty’s translations are ready to be presented to official authorities, leaving you free to celebrate life’s milestones, not worry over their language and interpretation.